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Coin rings that never made it but I wish they did!

Here are a few of some very nice coins that I managed to butcher to the bone. Yes, I wish I had more patience when I was working on those coin rings. A lot of exotic and very beautiful patterns on some of the coins I screwed up. I wish I can say or write that I have learned my lesson. Well I still “over do it” from time to time and the result is what you see on my pictures. It’s that one extra tap on the mandrel that usually does it. I know most of the time that it will happen but can’t stop myself from hitting my mandrel. Well, some of the coins are not even in their thickness and this will do it too. So maybe not entirely my fault but regardless it hurts to see it “go” when you see this beautiful coin ring forming …
Picture 160

Picture 161

Picture 162

Picture 163

Picture 164