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Denarius of Julius Caesar Coin Earrings

Roman Cesar elephant coin earrings

Superb high-quality reproduction silver plated coin earrings by Coin Carnival.  These coins were originally minted by the great Roman general & dictator Julius Caesar to pay his soldiers. The design features an elephant trampling a serpent with “Caesar” inscribed below.  The coins are approximately 19 millimeters in diameter.

Denarius of Julius Caesar History

The ‘elephant’ coinage of Caesar, struck beginning around the time he crossed the Rubicon in January 49, was used to pay Caesar’s forces during the Civil war with Pompey. It was produced using at least 750 obverse dies, thus implying that at least 7-8 million denarii were struck! These coins have been popular with collectors since the Renaissance and a great number are known; however, truly superb examples  are remarkably scarce.