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How I make wooden copper coin rings.

All of my coin rings, wooden rings, copper rings, silver rings are hand crafted by me. Most of the time (95%) I use only hand tools. I even make some of my hand tools, it’s true. I use a wood lathe for turning timber when I craft timber / wooden rings. Sometimes I might recycle / use silver / copper / stainless steel core for some of my rings. I do not waste anything or as little as I can. Most timber I use for my rings comes from different sources and it was destined for fire wood. This holds true with copper and SS. I purchased some antique silver bands and rings from the auction houses or garage sales. Some of them have imperfections but I like it this way and always see a potential. I re-shape them, clean them and use them as core inserts for my wooden rings. My point is, I do like to recycle and re-use a lot of materials I work with. This gives me an ability to craft very unique objects (rings) in appearance. I do not mass produce any of my rings. That is why you buy the actual coin ring or wooden ring photographed in my online shop. I take requests for custom orders as well but can never replicate an item. I can only use the same materials to make it similar if you are after a ring that is listed or was sold in my online shop. I am not interested in mass producing and I will not reply to any requests asking me for price break on quantity. I just wanted to give you a good idea of my work ethics and my artistic approach to my business. Yes, it is a business after all I make my living (or try to) by combining this passion with work. If you are an individual with appreciation for hand crafted unique things I think you will like my rings. I want all of my clients to be happy with their purchases and I will always try to make things right, I promise.