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Japanese 1 SEN coin ring set

Japanese 1 SEN coin ring couple set

I always liked Japanese coins for many different reasons.  The most important reason was the quality and the detail of most of the designs on Japanese coins.  Japanese art in my opinion is delicate, well balanced and different from any other nation in the world.  Japanese coins fit in the same category.  I made a few rings from old silver and copper Japanese coins before but this time I was looking to create something different.  I used a “second 1 SEN coin” dated between 1989 and 1915 (I am sorry but I do not read Japanese so I could not decipher the date).  The coin design is so nice but one the the biggest features was the SUN in the center of the coin.  Bummer, I always punch the center out so there goes the sun!  Well, I domed it and set it (yup, I set the sun) in the silver ring made from silver debris I collected from different coins while hand crafting other coin rings.  The design of the silver ring is not my but I like it and decided to use it for this project.  So there you have it, a very unique Japanese coin ring set for a very unique couple or single, your decision.  It will come in a nice couple’s ring box .  Listed in my online shop.

Japanese 1 SEN coin history (1898-1915)

During 1898, after 10 years of the absence of the 1 sen coin, the Empire of Japan issued a new coin. It was mainly composed of copper, but also had a percentage of tin, officially making the coin of bronze. The coin had a mass of 7.13 g and a diameter of 27.9 millimeters, retaining the original size and weight of the original 1 sen coin. On the coin’s obverse, the sun was displayed with the value, year of minting, and the title of the issuing authority (本日大), while the reverse showed the value (as 一銭), surrounded by grains. It was minted until 1902.

In 1913, the coin was reintroduced, and remained minted until 1915, when production of the coin had officially come to an end.